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What if you could send the live output of your edit session to someone over iChat? Now you can. This has been possible in the past with an AJA Io or similar device, or with a second Mac and a DV hardware codec, but now it is possible with no additional hardware from within Final Cut Pro 7. Of course, how well this works is entirely dependent on how fast your outbound internet connection is.

And of course, their download speed has to at least match that—they have to be able to catch as fast as you can pitch.

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The clever new iChat Theater capability allows you to share the Canvas or Browser as a video feed for a video chat over iChat. This is the view that the editor guy in the hat sees. A new interface for the Change Speed window lets you set Ease In and Ease Out and has an option that lets you keep the timeline from rippling so you can doodle without pushing the rest of your timeline further down the sequence, which would mess up your audio sync.

Also, a new interface element gives you keyframes in the timeline and a graphic display of how stretched your video is in time. You can either drag stretch for constant speed changes, or set keyframes for variable speed changes, right in the timeline. However, you can always run the clip through Motion for more accurate control and smoother results.

Final Cut Pro 7 now supports native editing of this format—you can import it and edit it directly in its native file format as it was captured , rather than having to import and wait for it to transcode to ProRes before it is editable in Final Cut Pro. Native support also includes RT Extreme acceleration for real time transitions and effects. Alpha Transitions: Alpha transitions are scene transitions that use an animated graphic element with a matte or alpha channel, thus the name to do a wipe between two shots.

New Timecode window: Previously only available as a third-party option, now you can display a resizable floating window that shows the timecode.

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This is ideal for that client on the couch in the back of the room. Improved Markers: You can now color-code your clip and sequence markers, search and jump to them, and add information to them as the clip plays, and more. Automatic Transfer: XDCAM and P2 footage now optionally copies to designated scratch directories as soon as the media is detected, and custom metadata can be added automatically via a new Log and Transfer window.

Footage can start importing as soon as media is connected, which opens the door to faster, more efficient workflows as well as potentially automated workflows. New Redcode Log and Transfer options: When importing Redcode via Log and Transfer, you can transcode to any of the ProRes flavors on import, or just import it as native. But there are no new options for cropping or scaling which I had hoped to see, nor will the 2K layer of 4K native files play back in real time in Final Cut Pro 7.

Footage shot in the default 4K Similarly, if 4K footage is shot in the 2: This can be done with Red provided tools, however. This version of Final Cut Pro includes much improved closed captioning support, the ability to globally change transitions or cherry pick the ones you want to change in bulk , improved tabs color coding and other improvements , trackpad multi-touch gesture support for timeline navigation, and a new version of Cinema Tools for working with file-based workflows like image sequences and Redcode footage.

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This is a huge improvement over prior versions, but not clearly documented within Cinema Tools. Apple released a brand new update to Final Cut Studio, its pro video editing app. It includes Final With Final Cut Pro 7, Apple started with an already excellent market-leading video editing tool and From a videographer's standpoint, the new version of Soundtrack Pro constitutes a worthy upgrade.

Color has reached a very workable threshold where most projects, most of the time, can be round Best high-resolution digital audio player: Which DAP reigns supreme?

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Final Cut Pro 7 is Officially DEAD!

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